About our Masters cycling club

  • New Club Memberships are now available
  • Melbourne Masters Cycling Club
  • Cycling routes and race events throughout Melbourne
  • M1 to M7+ Age Cats & 7 Grades to enter. ABCDEFG.


Races begin on time

Arrive early to sign in, warm up and meet the starters.




Drink plenty of fluids on hot days

Stay hydrated before, during and after each event.

Every 15th event

1 in 15 events, your roster duty is due. That's easy! Volunteer early.

Masters and Cycling clubs around Melbourne

If ever you thought of joining an Australian masters cycling club, we're glad you found us. Events in Melbourne are available for all age groups and fitness levels. Look around the site for a while and send in a quick question to begin or come along for a few events. Now with 7 grades available, it's easy to slot right in and start having fun. We'd love to see you there... SMCC puts you in front.


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About Us and our great cycling club for masters

Friendly and Welcoming, with 7 grades for Masters Cycling in Melbourne, Peninsula and Gippsland. Southern is one of the largest cycling clubs in Australia giving our members lots of advantages, special deals and exciting rides. Two seasons, Summer and Winter cover 6 month periods each with Weekly events running every Summer or Winter season(s) at various courses and locations.



Its easy to join at any time of the year



We are a Cycling Australia CA affiliated road racing club for MASTERS riders around Melbourne. Cyclists become eligible for membership at the age of 30 for males, and 30 years for females.

Distances vary depending on the course but are generally in the range 25 km -30 km with some longer 80 km rides available in various seasons. Racing is conducted all year round so you can participate at any time and keep your fitness balanced.
The summer season is held from October to March where exciting criterium races are held on safe circuits in and around Melbourne. Criterium races usually last from 1 to 2 hours and are held at Sandown Park Raceway on a Thursday evening and on Sundays at either Casey Fields or at a series of metro controlled circuits. Winter seasons include majestic courses from Gippsland to Peninsula, in and around Melbourne and along the bays.


There is a wide range of age groups and abilities of competing riders, including  three types of grading with average speeds ranging from 23kph to 40+kph. For the adventurous or relaxed, you can find the perfect event for your comfort and experience.






















Mens and Ladies


Men are eligible for membership 30 years age +

Ladies are eligible for membership 30 years +
Our Ladies Liason Officer is available for all enquires.





M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7.


Some of the styles of races we conduct:


1. Age Group -- Riders are only grouped according to their age (M1 30-34, M2 35-39, M3 40-44, M4 45-49...., M7 65-70+ etc.) for age group championship races, held twice a year at both club and state level.



2. Handicap -- One race with all riders competing for first and minor places. The weaker riders begin first and fastest last with others at varying intervals in between.



3. Graded Scratch –- Cyclists are graded into A for the strongest down to G for slower. Each grade races for first and minor places and riders progress between grades according to their performance.



4. Time Trials, Team Pursuits, Trophy, Points Table and more.




Benefits of joining our great club


Along with being fitter and enjoying the outdoors, you will find a great sense of friendship with SMCC, and because you are a SMCC member, you will be able to enter other cycling events held by other clubs in Victoria and around Australia, enter Masters Championships, receive discounts on items and more.

Our association with Cycling Australia, Cyclesport and other Masters Cycling Clubs in Australia affords you great opportunities and event entry qualifications.



Also See

    Come and Try a few intro rides or races

  Where we ride

  New member tips


How to join, its easy to join and become a member.


Step 1. Come along to an event (see next event) or email here



Insurance - Racing and training, all our members are covered by an extensive insurance policy for your benefit.



You can ride in your cyclist jersey apparel or club colors.



The bikes used are 'road racers' 'circuit bikes' and 'tt'.



Events are conducted amongst club riders or against other clubs.



Visiting CA riders, Australian Defence Force and Interstate riders are welcome to our events. Please pre register with our handicapper here.



We would love to hear from you and hope you soon come along and see what a great day cycling can become, in the meantime, take a look at our new gallery pages of masters cycling in Melbourne.