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Results Regional Club Championships Casey Fields

Ref: 693

Posted by: Bill Upston




Results Regional Club Championships Casey Fields


MASW 7 - 1 Marg Noonan, 2 Rhonda Kennedy.

MASW 6 - 1 Stephanie Coulson, 2 Helen Bean.

MASW 4 - 1 Carolyn Sydenham. Regional 1 Sally Head.

MASM 11- 1 Jim Taylor, 2 Alan Radford.

MASM 10 - 1 Brian Dew, 2 Barry Collins, 3 Colin Smith.

MASM 9 - 1 Trevor Wilkie, John Hindle, 3 Malcolm Martin. Regional 1 Ken Bone, 2 Stuart Campbell.

MASM 8 - 1 Ron Jacobson, 2 John Pritchard, 3 Kyran Stuttered. Regional 1 Bruce Will.

MASM 7 - 1 Brad Daly, 2 Kurt Jensen, 3 Chris Ellenby.

MASM 6 - 1 John Chipp, 2 Tony Banks, 3 Nigel Letty. Regional 1 Alan McCulloch'

MASM 5 - 1 Peter Dean, 2 Peter Galvin. Regional 1 David Tennant, 2 Simon Bone.

MASM 4 - 1 David Taylor, 2 Damian Gill, Richard Moody.

MASM 3 - 1 Andrew Mapstone, 2 Stephan Kirsch, 3 Alan Hinchley. Regional 1 Nick Kennedy, 2 Karl Cubitt.

MASM 2 - 1 Matt Darby, 2 Matt Hamilton, 3 John Hanna . Regional 1 Gareth Martyn.

MASM 1 - 1 Adrian Love. Regional 1 David Clowes.

Club Regional Championships

Ref: 692

Posted by: Bill Upston




There is no entry fee for tomorrow's event. The event is open to any Cycling Australia registered masters licence holders.

Casey Fields 26 March racing cancelled

Ref: 691

Posted by: Bill Upston




Richard Hensey

Ref: 690

Posted by: Bill Upston




Update on Richard Hensey. Just wanted to thank the people who kept me alive at Casey Fields yesterday, according to the doctors 90% in my position don't make it, so please pass on my heart felt thanks to all concerned.
Cheers Richard Hensey

The people who helped Richard were Robyn Baker, Ray Hart, Richard Kempster and Lance Wearne. Just an outstanding effort by all concerned. Richard was unconscious, unresponsive, had no pulse and had stopped breathing at various stages. The difib was used five times whilst waiting for the ambulance. The bike crew's response was outstanding in a true life and death situation.
The hand over to the ambos was seamless.
Great effort by a group of great people. Richard, his family and cycling thank you.


Ref: 687

Posted by: Marg Noonan




Volunteers are the backbone of this Club.
With out them, much of the work would not be possible. Members generously give their time, skills and energy to support and make sure the club runs smoothly.

If you are able to help assist throughout the day, PLEASE call 
Marg on 0448164237. 
Volunteer roles:
7.15am Set-up, tables, tents, tear drops etc
8.30am BBQ (roster throughout the day).
3.00pm Pack-up.

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