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Sandown race 14 January

Ref: 718

Posted by: Bill Upston




Racing 14 January has been cancelled due to safety concerns.

Christmas BBQ at Casey Fields

Ref: 717

Posted by: Bill Upston




Everyone, riders families and friends welcome to the last race for 2015 followed by a BBQ. Races start at 6:30 pm.

Tales of the Tail Gunner.

Ref: 716

Posted by: Club Member




The Tail Gunner.

 Season Greetings from the fabled Tail Gunner,

            In the spirit of Christmas I am often asked why do I pen this rubbish and try to pass off as light entertainment and/or information for the enlightenment of members and guest. As you, the many many members of the Tail Gunner Appreciation Society, yes both of you! Ask why?

The restraining order has nothing to do with it, and yes they are still allegations. My witty and concise words today have a multi-cultural flavour as I have been smitten with outside influences.

            I rode at Sandown on Thursday, now I can only imagine what environs that Beelzebub lives in, but I’m sure that we rode the last half hour in his back yard as it was a tad warm. In fact when I sipped my delightful water filled bottle it was hotter than the soy mocha decaf that I had at monos’ it even whistled when opened. I did finish in my standard position and watched my grade from the rear. Well done to those fine young chaps and their break ways win. B grade will be all the better for the pleasure of their company.

            My next influence is the famed Club ride Saturday from Seaford. 0700 and I’m there,

Along with many A,B C and better riders, no stops half way for tea and tiny cakes only a quick relief stop at St Kilda then return! I’m going to be exhaustapated that far, that’s like ½ of a ¼ of 2/3rds of around the bay in a single ride, got myki as a backup, train works on Frankston Line poo, did a turn, from Mordy round about to Mordy toilets, job done me thinks sit on all way now. Is it bad karma to let Club President and Club Captain do all the work?

            Until Sunday and the last of the International Theme, Caribbean Gardens the Tuscany of Cycle racing. It was that hot and windy it made the mention of Beau Guest last week seem like a Contiki tour. Foolish riders with deep rims where doing the dance of the funky chicken across the left hand sweeper, the right hand curb had more action than a Saturday night in Lygon Street and the smart people removed their numbers before the bell, should of done the same, but that ten seconds of 60kph down the hill was enough to keep me interested , foolish foolish Tail Gunner ,even now mentioning myself in the second person. We circulated at a steady pace until the bell tolled for thee in C. Will seems to grow an extra set of legs and toodles off along with 3-4 others in pursuit, white flag time for this little black duck and into little ring I go. The sprinklers are on at one factory and I almost unclip and lounge under them, I am that far back do not even see my grade finish but by crikey good on them for doing so.




As always thanks to all those who stand there ringing bells and counting down time so we can ride, see you Thursday at Sandown.


Cheers TG

Race licenses need to be renewed for 2016

Ref: 715

Posted by: Bill Upston




Race licenses.


A reminder that race licenses expire at the end of December of each year. If you expect to race in the new year, renew your license now. You are not eligible to purchase a Three Ride Permit just because you have forgotten to renew your race license.


Racing is a privilege not a right and we pay for that privilege.


No current License - No Race.


Also, be aware that you cannot race on a recreational RIDE membership. When you renew, be sure to purchase a RACE Membership.


Thanks for you co-operation.


David Kennedy


SMCC Membership Secretary

Tales of the Tail Gunner.

Ref: 714

Posted by: Club Member




Woe and Go,

The Tail Gunner in print.

As the sun slowly rises in the East and the light of day filters into the man cave that is the Tail Gunners lair. (AKA the caravan on blocks in Frankston) The joy and happiness that the upcoming Crit promises to bring swells my wooden heart to bursting,

                Enough of this wordsmithing and on with the report, On arrival at Casey Fields the car park seems light on and even Lance has spare time. Ahh the Tour of Bright is on so all of the guns are away, you beauty I think- better practice my acceptance speech for the presentation as I am a monty to greet the judges this week.

                A foolish idea as it turns out. Young Marg N chases everyone down from the gecko and the C grade rule of first lap in little ring is looking shabby. Then the back straight headwind that is only slightly less than a force 6 on the Beaufort scale has us going backwards, at least the mad dive bombing magpie has given up for the season. I am chewing handle bar tape by lap two and trying to hide behind my head stem, not working that I can tell you. At one stage I did get behind a wheel or two but when you can see over the top of the jockey sized rider one does not get much respite. Note to Ben S please come back next week cause Will is going blue!! Half the race goes by and in a moment of madness some fool thinks passing B grade is a good idea. Just as well they are a kind and accommodating B grade bunch.

                There was one advertisement on why deep dish rims and windy days do not always go together as Fiona L went on the discovery tour version of Casey Fields after one particularly nasty puff, but she held it upright and got back on the track, it did look spectacular-I would have just fallen off.(or gotten bogged)

                Our foolish young rider is soon caught, but he has started something and many more attempt to jump away only to be slowed by the said slight zephyr of a head wind. We get a bit bobby dazzled on the D grade board but it works with young Will(check his DOB please Bill) H and he jumps, we all look at each other  more in hope than anything else. Rob (El President) gets on the front and out of respect to his position we leave him there until he is too weary to do anything else, bingo bongo it’s flat out for 2nd as Will has it in the bag by then, as normal I watch my grade finish thinking why oh why do I do this to myself? Everything is exhaustipated and even my toe nails are cramping.

                Anyhoot Will and B grade is a grand match, but as always many thanks to those who do not ride every week so we can, and look forward to more of the same Thursday at Sandown the House of Pain.





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