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Ramblings of The Tail Gunner.

Ref: 615

Posted by: Club Member





I am in a state of disarray, the auto pilot turned left towards Hastings and not right to Casey Fields what is going on?

That’s right clocks got changed summer crits are but a distant memory (until the Easter Classics) and rear lights are a flashing ROAD season. Plus no winter season- its chilly-Professor on the start line!

A grade line up first and sure sign it’s now distance based not time, before long( actually after B grade get the good oil) C grade are up Marg Noonan is the Chief 8 laps is our whack, my feeble maths work out at that 8k +  per lap its about 70 k of pain and suffering ahead,

Ray King is seen with a newspaper tucked in his jersey, I hope it’s for insulation on the descent and not to do Sudoku during the easy bits, anyhoot away we go, the first 50 meters is fine then bingo bango first attack seems to have happened or at least that how it seems ,see early comment about maths ability, the heart rate alarm has given up and I almost void myself. The next 6-7 laps are a combination of track stands then intense effort chasing the one away who seems to get faster every lap or we get slower. The mayor of Mornington did say as we passed him at Stoney PT Road that he has stopped for a latte and is still a week in front of you.

Anyway the bell lap is upon us and this week there is no confusion about lap to go is that C grade? When do we sprint? What is goldfish memory? Who writes this rubbish?

As is the norm at Crib Point left hand side until 250 is a grey area for a few until the 250 then the fan out is on there is a touch of handle bars or something akin, sweat in eyes at this stage so vision was blurred, Ray King did a wonderful job of not requiring his said newspaper to wrap soiled Knicks in and stayed upright.

A very well done to our winner, the only way I knew who it was when I saw the Facebook pictures.

 Again even more thanks to those who gave up their race so we could partake in ours and bigger thanks to Marg, Bill and the great unsung.







Ref: 614

Posted by: Bill Upston




A grade does come in for the odd critque, however today they were all class. Rode hard and complied with all the rules but the stand out was the sporting gesture between two riders.  One rider dropped his bidon early on and another rider handed him a spare bottle. Well done David Taylor your gesture impressed quite a few people including a couple of CHOBs.

SMCC at Baw Baw.

Ref: 613

Posted by: Bill Upston




Well done to Justin Deeley, Errol Baxter, Paul Martinico, Nick Collins, John Clarkson, Craig Wilkeson, Keith Parsons and Vince Patton. A challening event to say the least.

Mount Baw Baw Classic

Ref: 612

Posted by: Bill Upston




 GOOD LUCK TO ALL OUR MEMBERS and competitors in this year's Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic this Sunday.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OUR MEMBERS and competitors in this year's Baw Alpine Resort Classic this Sunday.

Training for Traffic controllers

Ref: 531

Posted by: Bill Upston




The details are:
17th of May
Location: DISC
Time: 8:30am to 1:30pm 

In order to continue to deliver  road cycling events, Southern needs to have more members to become traffic controllers  Email EOI to


It is up to you the members, without more traffic controllers, you, your kids, grandkids etc  will not continue to be able to participate in legal and safe races on public roads.

We as a sport need to be proactive rather than reactive, this your chance to be part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem.


I joined to club to race, someone else will do it, nothing to do with me, some of the old blokes will do it, they do everything else. Have not got the time, have to get out and train, check strava, check facebook to see if the photo of my coffee and sunnies looks OK, not only am I busy, I am important, far too important to stand on a corner and ensure my mates are safe when they race.

Signed electronically.

I. Jackman aka Bill Upston

Please confirm your availability.

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