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Ref: 641

Posted by: Club Member





Greetings -after the great insipid day that was C and D grades I am moved to take fingers to a keyboard, and with this great power have jotted a few things down that I find an SBO!

1. Handlebars are critical part of bike control,

2. If your running over reflective Cats Eyes on your left, your too far over,

3. The shortest distance between points is a straight line, hold it,

4. My $15 is as good, not better or worse than yours,therefore we are equal on the road, noneed to run me into Catani Main Drain to stay on old mates wheel,

a. Point out pot holes, gravel and other obstacles,

b. Do not grab a big handful of brake when you get to the front,

c. I will let you race the way you want to, do not bag me for the way I race, as long as it is safe then I will advise you so

5. Hook turns are allowed in the CBD,not in a cycle race,

6. Duty, do it, do many- help out so the same few can ride more often,

7. If you think you can do better show up on the Club Meetings and help,

8. Look where you are going more, rather than were you have been when in a group, see point 3,

9. If you want to ride like an A Grader then ride A Grade, this is C Grade if it is too easy put yourself up, if it is too hard go down. But do not show bag(i).You will be a fool to yourself and a burden on others,

10. Please do not imitate attacks you see on the SBS Highlight package, no need to go to the far side of the road to attack, see point 2 about cats eyes,

a. You might as well put a neon sign on your head,

b. It makes some of us want to speak harshly to you, just as well we are from the Temple of Peace, Love and Happiness,

c. I have to go to work Monday, sore legs I can put up with, busted ribs is a different story, see point 3 again about straight lines,

11. Listen to Race Brief,250 is just that, unless you get a spare set of Tony Martin's legs from your jersey, it is very hard to go from well before that and win,

12. The finish requires attention to detail say no more!

13. We can use the left hand side of the road at the start, two wide only, be aware of other road users,

14. Finally a un-named fellow rider did cause me a smile when he yelled to pair up in twos! Is that like parking in your driveway? Reversing backward? A PIN Number?



(i) Showbag is a term that Bill can explain.

Photos ofrom Casey Fields 13 July

Ref: 639

Posted by: Bill Upston




Photos ofrom Casey Fields 13 July got to gallery.

Crystal Ball

Ref: 638

Posted by: Club Member




 A Pre-Race Tail Gunner.


Due to many and varied reasons the Tail Gunner has not been seen or heard of for quite some time, mainly due to DNF (Did Not Front)for the last months cold and wet and hills and handicaps and other riders who spoil my rides,

            But I’m flagging my intentions early (see line about cold, wet etc.) and will be at Casey Fields this Sunday. Might even see the Professor, I have been doing some training, watching SBS highlights every night, way too late for me to stay up and watch live, is training isn’t it?

             I have been, as they say in a good paddock, the talking scales said one at a time at my last attempt and there were 3 digits on the left hand side of the decimal point so the power to weight ratio is looking good, at least the cold will no worry me to much.

            Anyhoot I’m hoping that with my new found confidence and training tips of watching Le Pave a finish in C Grade is a slight possibility!

            I would like to flag help from Mr Blue, Mr Green, Mr Yellow and especially the other Mr Yellow who let sit on their wheels like a limpet in my last race at Crib Point.

            I also hope that the authorities do not do to stringent testing as the caffeine/tannin/poppy seeds levels may be a tad high as I have a wine and cheese night on Saturday. Beats the Professors pizzas for dietary requirements. And will need a start-up Sunday morning.

            I have gotten high tech as well and look over some shoulder when they are face booking “The Cycling Scrap Book” a highly recommended way to spend work hours on a computer.

            Hoping the weather gods are good (I know it Casey Fields anything from Pestilence Plague to Heat Wave is possible) and I see you all there. I will be the one sobbing into my diet coke. Or see you when you pass on the Club Ride.








SMCC at the Preston Mountain Classic

Ref: 637

Posted by: Bill Upston




Well done to SMCC members, Michelle Easton, Paul Martinico, Paul Semmens, Mick Millar, Craig Robinson and Nick Zandes who rode in the Preston Mountain Classic on Saturday

Cycling rules review

Ref: 636

Posted by: Bill Upston




Want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem? Stop whinging about road rules and other road users and fill out the survey below. Yes it takes about 20 minutes but it relates to you, your fellow riders and future generations of cyclists.

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