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Using an On-Bike Camera

Ref: 680

Posted by: Bill Upston




Using an On-Bike Camera

18 Feb 2015 , by CyclingVic

Cycling Victoria wish to remind riders and clubs of our support for the use of on-bike cameras when used under appropriate conditions.

Cycling Victoria allows the use of on-bike cameras for club or state calendar events where appropriate conduct, safety and commercial protocols are observed. 

Riders must apply for an on-bike licence in advance through Cycling Victoria and accept the terms and conditions. 

These conditions are: 

1.       Use of the camera must also be approved by the race organiser prior to use.

2.       Licenses will be issued to teams, individuals or media services to use at Victorian events only (not Interstate, National event, UCI Events);

3.       The camera must be presented on bike to the Commissaire before the start of the event.  The Commissaire must approve the use of the camera prior to use.

4.       All footage must be made available to Cycling Victoria or the promoter/club within 48 hours of any written request;

5.       Any footage that may bring the sport into disrepute must not be released to public.

6.       Breaches of the policy will be subject to penalty.


1.       Riders breaching these regulations will receive a 4 week suspension for the first infraction.  This will double for each subsequent breach of the policy.


Apply for Your On-Bike Licence

Cycling Victoria On-Bike Camera Policy


Missing a bike?

Ref: 679

Posted by: Bill Upston





This morning a member of the public handed in the following road bike to South Melbourne Police Station.  Bike found on Beaconsfield Parade, Port Melbourne.


Scott CR1 black/grey Size L (56).

Dura Ace groupset (mechanical).

Fulcrum Zero wheelset.


The bike has a number of accessories attached.  I was hoping that you may be able to circulate this information to your members via social media in the hope of identifying the owner.  If the owner does come forward could you please ask them to call South Melbourne Police Station on 9257 3800 Mon-Fri between 8am and 4pm and ask to speak to the Property Officer.  Anyone wishing to claim the bike will be required to provide further information re attached accessories, brand of stem/bars etc so that we can be satisfied that the bike is being returned to the lawful owner. 


Many thanks.    


Mark Robertson



Acting Senior Sergeant - South Melbourne Police Station 

211 Bank Street, South Melbourne 3205


Tel: 9257 3831 Fax:  9699 5019 Mail: DX 21 25 64


Dynamo Ponders #5

Ref: 678

Posted by: Club Member




The Dynamo #5


“Christmas cheer throughout the year”.


The world we live in is what it is because of how we live and the consequences of the choices we make. Some might call it “cause and effect” or “evolution” others, “karma” and there are probably other phrases to describe it too.


Somebody somewhere once said:


“Bad things happen when good people do nothing”.


Volunteers form a vital sector of our society. The broad range of tasks they perform enable others in need to receive care and service which they otherwise might not. The services they provide help to reduce costs for the recipients and many rolls are carried out unbeknown to the recipients by volunteers.


 In the words of the late US President John F. Kennedy:


“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.


Now substitute the word “country” with the word “club”.


In this world, there are “givers” and “takers”. The “givers” will give tirelessly because that is their nature and they recognise, perhaps consciously or subconsciously, the value in contributing for the greater good. The “takers” will take and keep taking on the premise that it is there for their benefit without giving a thought to the need to make a contribution to square the ledger.


It is the regular gathering of likeminded people which makes a club. It is through the contribution of the club administration that gives the club structure for the benefit of the members and all members have the opportunity to have input into the direction and evolution of their club.


You are not being asked to give your life for your club, just a bit of service. Every member in joining our club is obliged to carry out their corner duty approximately once or maybe twice year. In our club, you can even nominate, if you get in early, which race you want to fulfil your duty obligation. If every member does their bit then it is so much easier for everyone. There are various ongoing tasks which require attention and help is always gratefully accepted. If you would like to be more involved, just ask at the desk. You might not think so, but you do have something to offer and you might just surprise yourself!


The bulk of the club administration workload is borne by a few key members, yes members, who volunteer significant amounts of their personal time to provide us with races all year round. They have work and family commitments too and being human, tire at the end of their day just like the rest of us. There are no paid members on the committee in our club. The volunteer effort by these members is truly monumental in proportion to the contributions of the average member.


Now give it some thought as to how empty the racing calendar would be without their efforts. As a courtesy to them, the very least we can do is to forgo A  RACE OR TWO so that we can fulfil our duty obligations for the benefit of the club. From personal experience, completing a round of duty is to feel the weight lifting from ones shoulders, almost a spiritual purging of sorts! It lifts your enthusiasm and makes you wish you were out there racing too and you might find yourself thinking: Hmm, I really am looking forward to my next race!


The flip side: neglecting ones duty obligations repeatedly can result in race license “suspension” and a fine. As a suspended rider, you will not be allowed to race with any club nor will you be allowed to transfer from one club to another until your duty obligation has been met. “You can run (ride) but you cannot hide!”


It really isn’t a big ask.


Remember, “Givers” and …..


Mike Clucas, who graciously volunteers his time and expertise to conduct the SMCC Skills Training sessions, said on Facebook recently:


 “It's been an awesome couple of months. I took this on out of a sense of duty, but it's been a highlight of my week, every week”.


You see, the old adage holds true:  “in giving, we receive”. On behalf of all participants in the skills sessions, I take this opportunity to say thank you to Mike for his ongoing contribution for the benefit of the greater good. His example is one to which we can all aspire.


Thanks also go to the regular volunteers whose efforts play a key part in the facilitating of every race whether it be summer or road seasons, in no particular order: Rob, Marg, Bill, Carolyn, Janine, Mark, Dave, Lance, Frank, Alan, John, Andrew, Richard and Richard, Stuart, Ian, Ron, Jim, Paul, the race committee and regular written contributors: Professor and Tail Gunner.


Chances are that if you are reading this article, you may have come to look at photos in the gallery either on the website or Facebook. The vast majority of those great photos have been taken my Bill’s wife Maureen so a huge thank you goes to Maureen who commits time also behind the scenes sorting and cropping photos for posting on the webpage.


It’s the busiest people that always seem to find the time.


If you want to see an ongoing racing program, do your bit, as every little bit of help contributes toward a big difference.



See you out there,


The Dynamo

Sandown race cancelled.

Ref: 674

Posted by: Bill Upston




Today's race at Sandown has been cancelled due to rain.

2015 Licence

Ref: 677

Posted by: Bill Upston




Please note that you will need to produce your 2015 licence or proof of purchase to compete with SMCC in 2015.

The Starting List needs to be updated so please be patient as the details are collected.

Your cooperation will be most appreciated.

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