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Tales of the Tail Gunner.

Ref: 708

Posted by: Club Member




Tales of the Tail Gunner.

Or how pain and suffering are good for the Soul.

Well how do you start a well rehearsed, well practiced and well executed race plan?

Not by the way I rode at Casey Fields would be the correct answer, I made a large over estimate of both my ambitions and ability.

Anyhoot I did sign on, donate my usual amount of $15.00 to consolidated revenue for the club, pin a number on with head band to boot. Note to self find out if G Grade needs company -next time ask them to slow down for me!

 60 minutes or so Ian said -go to the moon he should have said! That’s what that first 30 minutes felt like, sure Hurricane Janine started about then. Climb and climb again then again Col De Casey and we had riders going backwards faster than a Michael Jackson moon walk. Note to all at this stage in my weakened state I had a vision of grandeur of finishing in the money and greeting the judges at the business end. (Foolhardy ideas)

Low and behold I hold on for the music of the bell tolling for thee lifts my spirits a tad, Up and down the lumpy bits and we even pass some B grade riders, I know they were chasing 23rd so being 25 wide on the back straight and slowing, keep left need not apply. Note to self gilding the Lillie a tad and the truth are not normally involved in my race reports.

My little legs are officially exhaustapated and I am cramping from toenails to earlobes when I finally cross the line I think an involuntary void might have happened as well.

The weather gods must be thanked it was a cracker of a day/night, or so they tell me, but yet again more thanks to the unsung who gave up their ride so we could.



AGM 2015 Notice

Ref: 707

Posted by: Bill Upston











Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Southern Masters Cycling Club Inc. will be held at the Edithvale Reserve clubrooms  at 7:30 pm on Monday, 9 November 2015.




  1. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 10 November 2014.
  2. President’s Report.
  3. To receive and confirm the financial report of the Club for the year ended 31 October 2015.
  4. To elect Committee of Management and two ordinary members:





Two ordinary members.

Nominations for the above mentioned positions must be lodged on the official form below and close with the Secretary on 2 November 2015.


  1. To elect the following positions:

Women's liason officer

Club Captain

Chief Commissaire


CSV Delegate

Digital media manager

Roster manager

Nominations for these positions can be lodged prior to the meeting and will also be called for from the  floor at the meeting.







NOMINATED POSITION: __________________________________________________________

                                                President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Members (2)


NOMINEE:  (block letters)    ________________________________________________________


NOMINATOR:                      ________________________________________________________


SECONDER:                          _________________________________________________________


Nominations close on 2 November 2015 with the Secretary:

Bill Upston, 171 Browns Road, CRANBOURNE SOUTH 3977, phone 9782 2808, mobile 0417 148 154.




The Dynamo Ponders #8

Ref: 706

Posted by: Club Member




The Dynamo Ponders #8


Time to pay the Ferryman!


(Or to be politically correct, Ferryperson)


We are racing cyclists because we love it. We consider the sacrifices are outweighed by the benefits and so turn up to race week after week. We arrive at the venue which in advance has been appropriately authorised with the required permits, signage set in place, with traffic controllers and marshals assigned to their respective positions on the course. We pay our race entry money, collect our race number and off we go for a warm up in in readiness for the start.


How is it that this happens week after week?  Like any recipe, all of the ingredients need to be included for the recipe to be a success. As race participants we can at our discretion decide whether to front up to race or not; too wet, too, cold, too windy, too hot, too hilly ,too hard, too tired, too hung over or just don’t feel like it today or have other commitments. Whatever we decide has no effect on the work that must be done behind the scenes come race day. The preparatory work must be done whether for 30 or 300 riders. The course permits must be approved by Victoria police, Vic Roads and relevant local council in advance and of no less importance is the rostering of the marshals and traffic controllers for without them, a road race cannot go ahead. The co-ordination of these folks, the chasing and following up of those rostered on for every road race involves large amounts of personal time which to a volunteer is huge. Yet usually for this task there is little in the way of thanks.  So now it’s “time for us to pay the ferryman”. 


This article is written in support of one of our key club members who has selflessly undertaken yet another challenge which will not only provide a challenge for herself  but more so, stand to make a significant contribution for the benefit of those in need.  Many charities which raise funds for their respective causes seem to lack transparency as to where the funds go and often only a fairly small percentage of  the donation actually reaches the target with much of each dollar being spent on administration, overheads, etc.


This cause however provides much better “bang for buck”.


All funds raised go towards the Beat Cancer Project and for every dollar invested in this project, four dollars of research is undertaken. This is due to dollar matching by the Government and partnerships with South Australia's leading universities. Currently there are over 90 research projects being undertaken that are made possible by this fundraising!


Not only is the cause worthy but that sounds like a very good reason in support to make a donation.  So what you would spend on one race tyre would actually become four race tyres. Now a miserly person might think ‘great, now I only need to donate a quarter of the amount I was originally thinking of’!  REALLY?  Before you is an opportunity to make a contribution which can have a multiplying effect.


Unfortunately, it’s pretty safe to say that we have all been affected in some way or know of someone who has been or will be affected by the scourge of cancer. The research developments and new treatments as a consequence of fund raising drives such as Ms Fluttery’s personal challenge have a direct effect on the therapies which are currently in development or which at this point might only be a hypothesis. All of this important work comes at a cost – MONEY.  Do you really want to skimp when this is likely to be funding research into treatment which, heaven forbid, might be used on you or someone you know and love?  “Work your turn” relative to your ability.


You are not being told to donate but you are being asked to show your appreciation to our race roster duty/ traffic control co-ordination officer for her efforts by supporting her in her chosen yet worthy cause. Remember SMCC have probably the best club road racing fixture of any cycling club on planet earth and it is due to volunteer efforts such as this that place the SMCC road racing fixture in such high regard and we are the beneficiaries.


To find out more or to donate, you can go directly to the site via the following link. Copy and paste the following in your web address bar:



Now it’s not the intention that The Dynamo space become one for pedalling personal agendas and The Dynamo has not been approached to put up this article by anyone other than the author but it is in helping each other that we help ourselves.


Thank you Janine for your efforts and the brilliant job you do and good luck in your quest.


Dig deep people and show your appreciation. You only live once and you can’t take it with you"( shrouds do not have pockets). It is only money after all… but it can be turned into something so much more valuable!


Remember, there is no such thing as the racing fairy…or is there?


See you out there,


The Dynamo



Entry List & start times Regional Road Race Championship 20th Sept

Entry list now available

Ref: 648

Posted by: Bill Upston




Southern Masters Cycling Club, Blackburn Cycling Club, Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club and Chelsea Cycling Club are running a regional road race championship on September 20th.


ENTRY LIST now available, includes start times:
Regional Championships 2015 Entry List


Racing will be in age categories. Transponders will be used for this event, so a CA licence will be required on the day when collecting your number


8:00 am Race number collection opens
9:00 am Racing begins


Prizes: Club Championships Awarded

The BBN, CCCC, SMCC and Chelsea Club Champions will also be determined at this event.


Courses: Race profile, course and maps see Southern Masters Web Link…


Cost: Entry is free

Location: Cora Lynn - Ripplebrook Melway 612 S7
Lat s38.1445 Lng e145.6075

Format: Road Race


Racing under Cycling Australia Rules and UCI technical
Toilets must be used at all times. Non compliance will incur six months suspension. Riders are reminded that they must return numbers immediately on completion of racing. Headbands must be worn visible to Chief Commissaire.


Rear red lights are required at all Road Races.

No working rear red light - no ride!

No on-bike cameras are permitted

The Dynamo

Ref: 705

Posted by: Club Member




The Dynamo Ponders #7


Everyone  is watching!



Discussion on how to achieve harmony between all road users seems to be ever more topical recently especially when cyclists are mentioned. It seems that we have all been tarred with the same brush. Though I believe the majority of cyclists endeavour to do the right thing and behave sensibly with safety in mind, the damage is done by the small percentage who selfishly ignore the rules and jeopardise the reputation of cyclists overall. Unfortunately, as seems always to be the case, something bad will need to happen before something good can come of it! But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Collectively, we have the power to PRE-EMPT IT!


A cyclist has just as much right as a motorist to use the roads lawfully. However, with rights comes responsibility.


We, meaning all road users, have at our disposal an arsenal of strategies to make the roads safer for all. Pedestrians, along with the operators of bicycles, motor scooters and cycles, cars, buses, trams and trucks all have a shared responsibility to participate in safe road use. Safe means that not only are we looking out for our own welfare, but we must also be respectful, courteous and attentive to the rights and safety and needs of others.


Unfortunately, the Australian concept of “mateship” seems to have very little presence on the roads. “Digital abuse” (the finger) seems to be more common than a wave of thanks. We all need to be looking out for each other.


As a motorist, how many times have you been “tailgated” by someone and then passed by them only to catch them repeatedly at every set of lights? You have seen clearly that the attempt by the ‘tailgater’ produced no real benefit at all. It did however increase unnecessarily, on-road tension.


Hostility rather than harmony seems to be on the increase. Why is it that everyone seems to be in such a hurry? There is so much emphasis on the importance of the economic state of affairs and so little toward the welfare of one another. How well do you know the person you are riding next to?


In our ever changing world, the technological developments are often blamed for the highest rate of loneliness in society although we have never before been so connected with smart phones, SMS, email, Facebook, twitter, etc. and whatever else is about to emerge. We are human beings and as such we are social animals like it or not. We need the person to person interaction and a club is a great place to foster such relationships.


If you travel to the same place of employment on a daily basis, chances are that you are amongst the same group of people in transit day after day. But how often do you acknowledge them with a wave, smile or G’day? All road users are a precious someone to someone else.


Some opinions are that to make the roads safer for all road users will cost too much money for the idea to even be considered, too high a price for the tax payer to fund. I challenge that idea with the notion that it need not cost a cent for all it will take is patience, courtesy, and respect for your fellow road users. As when cycle racing, we must travel appropriate to the road and traffic conditions.



With the road season drawing to a close for this year, it must be mentioned that there appears to have been a conscious collective effort to race safer. This does not mean that the competition has been any less vigorous but there have been very few crashes which is good news (but not for the few who did hit the deck).


Information passed on was that some very cold mornings were encountered by the set-up crew and a very heavy frost at Cora Lynn with a sub-zero temperature of

 -3.5deg! That’s commitment to the cause …just so we can race. There were also three cancelled events some due to weather conditions deemed unsafe for racing. The Tracker White Handicap was also cancelled due to insufficient numbers at the pre-registration stage. The handicaps races are popular so if you want to race in the handicap format, pre-register if that is what is required. Remember, there is no such thing as the “racing fairy”. It is the collective effort of a few who do the bulk of the work to ensure that the race program actually becomes a reality. Big thanks to all of the club members who have input into the race program and also to the volunteers who endured the biting cold and damp fulfilling their corner duties.


The recently introduce race rule in regard to a working solid tail light is not an option. To race on the road you must have a working solid red tail light for the duration of the race. The onus is upon the rider to ensure that the equipment chosen has sufficient battery life to last for the full race. It would be a shame to ride the race of a lifetime only to be disqualified due to a light that didn’t last the distance.


The enforcement of the rules and penalties for unsafe conduct during a race has been realised with numerous suspensions and fines at the Victorian Masters Road Championships. Some riders were found to have crossed solid single or double lines putting the peloton at risk. Our road races are conducted on open roads with the appropriately authorised permits. “Open roads” means that the public also have access to the road during a race, that is we do not have exclusive rights. A race on an “open road” is different to a race on a “closed road”.  As a rule we do not race on closed roads.  If as cyclists we want to ensure this type of racing goes on for ourselves and future generations of cyclists, we must be seen to be doing the right thing whether racing or not.


Sure, there are many benefits in riding bicycles. Let’s not make it any harder than it need be. Surely, simply riding for the joy of it should be enough.


See you out there,


The Dynamo

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