About our great cycling club
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  • New Club Memberships are now available
  • Melbourne based with circuit and road riding
  • Masters Grades & ages to suit all riders and skills
  • Melbourne Masters, club cycling at its best.


Races begin on time

Arrive early to sign in, warm up and meet the starters.




Drink plenty of fluids on hot days

Stay hydrated before, during and after each event.

Every 15th event

1 in 15 events, your roster duty is due. That's easy! Volunteer early.

Masters and Cycling clubs around Melbourne

If ever you thought of joining an Australian masters cycling club, we're glad you found us. Events in Melbourne are available for all age groups and fitness levels. Look around the site for a while and send in a quick question to begin or come along for a few events. Now with 7 grades available, it's easy to slot right in and start having fun. We'd love to see you there... SMCC puts you in front.

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Famous cycling club in Australia


About our famous Melbourne cycling club.

Anyone can win!... 7 Grades to enter

Rides and events are held all year round and suit all fitness levels from new to experienced.


Women cyclingOne of the most famous and well attended Melbourne cycling clubs in Australia, riders come from all suburbs of Melbourne and from around Victoria to participate in weekly rides. Southern Masters offers 7 different entry levels so all can enjoy the sport of cycling.

Southern is an Australian masters cycling club that promotes womens and mens cycling, riding and fitness, friendship, community and sportmanship lifelong. Members range from early 30's to seventies plus.  You can come along and enter a more casual race or extend your capabilities all the way to A'grade levels. Our club members are warm and friendly and welcome new members to attend anytime. Having 7 grades to enter each week, you can select your comfort level and particpate at your pace.

You may enter at anytime... Also see Come n Try

Women cycling riders from many other cycling clubs in Australia attend SMCC eventsRespected amongst women and men cyclists, recreational and racing sportspeople for presenting a format of cycle races and events throughout Victoria that put you in front. As a masthead of the sport, riders from many other clubs attend events on a regular basis knowing that Southern is a non biased, open club for CA licensed riders with an equality and community principle that welcomes everyone. Australian Defence Force clubs, International visitors and interstate riders are all welcome to enter using a current racing license or entering as a permit rider. Southern spends a lot of time making sure that new people are introduced correctly and feel comfortable amongst others.

Men cyclingWeekly events all year round also give members the opportunity to train for specific styles of racing, keep fitness levels high and participate in a friendly competitive environment where soon friends are made.


Club rider participating in eventBeing part of a cycling club in Australia also has benefits of 'event choice' where as you can enter club races or state or international events, receive discounts on goods and discounts and promotional offers not given to non club riders.

Spectators watching a bike race as cyclists pass by.Most events are held within 1 hour of Melbourne in Australia so that riders can travel cross city or beachside easily to participate. A scope of events from closed raceway tracks (near Melbourne's famous beach road cycling) to rural low traffic rides.

Lining up at the start of a bike raceOur association with Cycling Australia, Cycling Victoria and other Masters Cycling Clubs in Australia affords you great opportunities and event entry qualifications everywhere.

A terrific sport, a terrific atmosphere and its easy to make friends.

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How to join, its easy to join and become a member.


Step 1. Come along to an event (see next event) or email here

Member of cycling club winning!

Racing is held all year round with a winter season and summer twilight season.

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