Come and Try!
7 Grades to enter makes starting easy.

  • New Memberships are now available
  • Women's cycling racing & events
  • Grades to suit all riders and skills
  • Women's Melbourne cycling at its best


Races begin on time

Arrive early to sign in, warm up and meet the starters.




Drink plenty of fluids on hot days

Stay hydrated before, during and after each event.

Every 15th event

1 in 15 events, your roster duty is due. That's easy! Volunteer early.

Masters and Cycling clubs around Melbourne

If ever you thought of joining an Australian masters cycling club, we're glad you found us. Events in Melbourne are available for all age groups and fitness levels. Look around the site for a while and send in a quick question to begin or come along for a few events. Now with 7 grades available, it's easy to slot right in and start having fun. We'd love to see you there... SMCC puts you in front.

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  Women's Cycling... Its easy to start anytime. Contact our SMCC Ladies Representative and come along to watch a few events.
Women and Men




Its Easy To Start!



Come along to an event and try 2 or 3 rides with us



Whatever your current level is, we have a grade to suit A-G. Later, Club Memberships are available for women 30+ and men 35+.


  1. Come along without riding to see us, learn, watch the action, have a chat with the riders, officials etc. and learn about what is involved in joining in.





2. Come along and enter the race as a 'Come & Try' introduction rider. We have grades for all master ages, abilities and current fitness.


Riding with friends is a fantastic way to enjoy your fitness, and... riding a circuit or racing distance is also a great way to keep active, have fun, enjoy company and achieve a goal. With 7 grades, there is an entry level for everyone.


We invite you to come along and try 2 or 3 races with us, see how the event is held, what equipment you may need, what level grade to start and so on.


You can sign up for a 3 Ride/Race Licence. It is only $50 and covers your introduction, administration and insurances... and lots of cycling tips.



Womens cycling in Melbourne - Racing is a great activity Women cyclists Melbourne Ladies cycling and racing with Southern Masters Cycling Club Cycling events are conducted on closed circuits free of cars

7 Grades to enter giving you a wide spectrum of fitness levels and challenges Womens Cycling Events in Melbourne Australia's leading club for Masters Women and Men cycling Its easy to start at anytime. 7 Grades to enter to suit all fitness levels

SMCC regularly hold club events on closed circuits with no cars.




Come along with:

  • Bring your road bike in a road worthy condition. Flat handle bars not permitted.
  • Cycling shoes or trainers.
  • Good condition cleats and pedals, chain, tyres etc.
  • Racing attire. Bike shorts, Bike shirt, Gloves, Sunglasses.
  • Australian Standard 2003 Approved Helmet.
  • Arrive approx 1 hr pre race time.
  • When you arrive at the the event, introduce yourself and find the Club Captain, President, Ladies Rep, etc.
  • Let an entry official know you're a come and try entrant and your approx level of training or fitness. This will help put you in an appropriate grade.
  • Each ride/race costs $10 Ride/Race Entry Fee.

    For 'Come and Try' new members, we suggest you come along and discover your grading, what to do, how to ride in a race etc. Even as a new rider, you are entitled to all the prizes you can achieve and the 'Come and Try' fee is deducted from the full membership license when you join.

    Sounds fantastic, I'll be there!


Please fill in the form below, it will send an email to our club notifying us of a new rider. We will see you there at the event you choose, all prepared and ready to help.

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