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Locations > Casey Fields

Casey Fields

  Map Ref: Melway 134 E7, Lat s38.1250 Lng e145.3148
  Address: 160 Berwick Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3920
  Meeting Point: Drive into Casey Fields to Rear Criterium Track. Follow sign posts. Entry Table at Clubhouse Door
  Start Point: Opposite Clubhouse
  Car Parking: Free Car Park at Clubhouse
  Race Format: Road Race
  Length: 2.24 km - Lap
  Surface: Road Surface - closed to cars and pedestrians
  Min Elevation: 53 Metres
  Max Elevation: 63 Metres

Casey Fields Elevation

Course Details:


Casey Fields is a closed track to cars and pedestrians. It has a fast rolling asphalt surface and smooth corners offering plenty sections of speed and tactical positioning. The back straight (slight downhill grade) leads to an uphill section just before the finish line making all races exciting.


Casey Fields is ideal for beginners to join the G and F grades to learn about bunch rides and learn new skills. The track is perfect for training and time based exercising & Cycling training. If you are first to join or start riding in group, this circuit will assist all skills.

More Statistics

Grade No. of Races Avg Time Avg Distance Avg Speed Avg Max Speed


9 Race(s) 0:27 42.32 km 40.96 kph 56.96 kph


9 Race(s) 0:27 40.07 km 38.57 kph 54.58 kph


10 Race(s) 0:31 36.95 km 35.95 kph 54.16 kph


9 Race(s) 0:40 34.27 km 34.43 kph 50.13 kph


8 Race(s) 0:27 30.68 km 33.84 kph 49.21 kph


7 Race(s) 0:31 27.59 km 31.21 kph 46.31 kph


8 Race(s) 0:25 22.00 km 25.64 kph 39.79 kph