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  • Melbourne based with circuit and road riding
  • Masters Grades to suit all riders and skills
  • Masters cycling at its best


Races begin on time

Arrive early to sign in, warm up and meet the starters.




Drink plenty of fluids on hot days

Stay hydrated before, during and after each event.

Every 15th event

1 in 15 events, your roster duty is due. That's easy! Volunteer early.

Masters and Cycling clubs around Melbourne

If ever you thought of joining an Australian masters cycling club, we're glad you found us. Events in Melbourne are available for all age groups and fitness levels. Look around the site for a while and send in a quick question to begin or come along for a few events. Now with 7 grades available, it's easy to slot right in and start having fun. We'd love to see you there... SMCC puts you in front.

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Help Pages

Making and Saving Photos for the SMCC Gallery 


Our Gallery, which we are very proud of shows the club's history and successes and respect of people. We hope you enjoy going through the Albums and viewing the many great moments. When making and saving your photos, ensure you maintain this respect.


Step 1.

  You will need to 'Crop to Size' your photos BEFORE YOU CAN SUBMIT/UPLOAD FROM YOUR COMPUTER TO THE SMCC GALLERY or give them to the web designer on CD or USB.


To resize pictures from your digital camera, you will need a photo editing program ie: Camera Software, Photoshop, CorelPaint etc. Spend a bit of time editing your angles, close ups, cropping etc for the best shots you can.



All photos must be EXACT:

540 pixels wide
400 pixels high
72 dpi resolution

No other size crop or original variant is accepted.


Save as: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png


Crop & Resize to 540 pixels wide x 400 pixels high @72 dpi resolution




Different proportion or wider, taller, larger, smaller photos are not allowed as they would break the continuity of the Gallery Layout over the years to come.

All photos must be 540 x 400 pixels @ 72dpi.


Small Thumbnails are automatically created. You only need to create the 540 x 400 picture size.


Step 2.

  Save the photos on a CD or USB with your name on it,


Bring the CD or USB to your next race meeting.



The web designer will upload them to the Gallery for you...


Ensure you put your CD or USB photos in clearly identified folders. eg. Photos/Sandown2016/june....  with your name written on the disk.

how to save photos on cd


The web designer will upload them to the Gallery for you...


Notes: Organisation (for your information)

The Gallery is organised in two ways.

Collections hold Albums

Albums hold pictures.

The SMCC website is arranged in the following manner:
Collections (Years e.g. 2016), Albums (Course Location)

Pictures in the Album appear as 'most recently added'.




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